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Knoxville Divorce Lawyer > Blog > Divorce > Smartphone Apps Can Ruin Your Marriage, but Can They Help with Your Divorce?

Smartphone Apps Can Ruin Your Marriage, but Can They Help with Your Divorce?


If you browse the app store on your phone, or even just scroll through the apps you already have, you will probably find some that contributed to the breakdown of your relationship with your spouse.  Perhaps you have addictive games that lure your attention away from your family.  Then there are the news apps that bombard you with images of celebrities who are happier, wealthier, and better looking than you and your spouse.  Of course, social media apps have a similar effect, except with your former high school classmates instead of celebrities.  Online banking apps make it so that your money-related marital conflicts go with you everywhere your phone goes.  And then there are the apps designed specifically to ruin marriages, like the dating apps targeted at cheating spouses.  Since smartphones have a long history of conspiring against marital happiness, it is no surprise that divorce apps have begun to proliferate.  Don’t take these apps at their word, though.  No app can take the place of a Tennessee divorce lawyer.

What Divorce Apps Do

A Woman’s Day listicle recommends five apps to help reduce the costs and conflicts associated with divorce.

  • It’s Over Easy – This app can take you through the process of uncontested divorce from beginning to end. You can send the required forms from your phone or tablet straight to the court.
  • Divorceify – This app connects you to professionals who can help with your divorce, from lawyers to marriage counselors to mediators to financial advisors.
  • Life – This document helps you organize your legal documents and financial data so that both spouses and their attorneys can see it. It can help you save time rounding up documents and sending them to all the relevant parties.
  • Worthy – Worthy is a jewelry resale app. It is not exclusively for people going through a divorce, but it could be useful if you want to sell your wedding ring or if selling your jewelry will help the division of assets process go faster.
  • Our Family Wizard – This app is for communicating with your ex about parenting. It keeps an incontrovertible record of who said what, and it even takes note of when you or your ex uses a less than civil tone.

What Divorce Apps Don’t Do

Unless you are having a truly uncontested divorce, and in many cases, even if you are, apps cannot replace the professional expertise and human judgment.  Apps cannot help you modify a parenting plan or alimony agreement.  If your ex is really determined to keep you from getting your fair share of property or parenting time, you have to do more than just click to protect your rights.  Even if you think your divorce is so simple that you can do it all through an app, you should at least have a lawyer review your documents before you click “send.”

Let Us Help You Today

A family lawyer can help you arrive at a divorce agreement that is fair to you.  Contact Knoxville divorce attorney Patrick L. Looper for a consultation.




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