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Knoxville Family Attorney

Patrick L. Looper, Attorney at Law, practices family law in Knoxville and represents clients in Knox County Circuit, Chancery, Juvenile and General Sessions courts. In any Tennessee family law matter, you can count on Patrick Looper to provide honest, practical and knowledgeable legal advice, along with zealous representation in any contested divorce, child custody dispute or other situation. See below for information about our comprehensive family law practice, and call our Knoxville family attorney at 865-229-3164 for a free consultation on your family law needs.


Tennessee law provides for divorce on a number of fault-based or no-fault grounds. Dissolving the marriage itself is only one aspect of divorce, however. A number of issues must also be decided which will continue to impact the former spouses and their children for years to come. Whether negotiating a marital settlement agreement, mediating a resolution or litigation your divorce in court, our Knoxville divorce lawyer will protect your rights and promote your interests in child custody, child support, alimony and the division of marital property, as well as any post-divorce modification requests if circumstances later change.

Domestic Violence

Spousal abuse, child abuse or other domestic violence may be an important factor in a Tennessee divorce or child custody dispute, or it may occur between persons who are or were dating but were never married at all. Tennessee law provides special protections against domestic violence and enhanced penalties for those who cause domestic abuse or violate orders of protection. We help domestic violence victims and their family obtain fast, effective protection from abuse to keep them safe and hold their abusers accountable for the harm they have caused. We also defend people charged with abuse when a false yet damaging accusation is leveled against them in a Knoxville divorce or child custody matter.

Prenuptial Agreements

With prenuptial agreements, couples enter marriage with security and peace of mind knowing they will be taken care of and not taken advantage of in the event the marriage should ever fail. Our Knoxville family law attorney enhances that level of security by negotiating, drafting or reviewing a prenuptial agreement so you can rest assured it is valid and enforceable under Tennessee law, and that your rights and best interests are protected and well-represented in the terms of the agreement.


Children who are born to unmarried parents in Tennessee do not have a legal father unless steps are taken to establish paternity under Tennessee law. Without establishing the child’s legal parentage, a mother cannot force a father to pay child support, and a father cannot gain rights to custody or visitation. Children need to know who their parents are for their own emotional well-being as well as knowing vital medical history information and securing important legal rights and benefits. There are a number of ways parents can establish paternity when a child is born or any time before the child turns 21. Some methods require going to court, and some proceedings may be challenged, contested or opposed by the mother or alleged father. We’ll provide practical advice and strong, knowledgeable representation to protect your interests and advocate for you in any Tennessee paternity proceeding.


Growing your family through adoption can be a deeply rewarding experience for parents, children and the family as a whole. Adoption procedures can be complicated, however, and the adoption process can be lengthy and expensive without the right kind of legal help. We’ll advise you on your options, guide you through the process and represent you in any agency adoption, private adoption, Tennessee foster care adoption or step-parent adoption. Adopted children benefit from inheritance rights and access to health insurance and other government and employment benefits through their parents, as well as the sense of security and love from belonging to a family.


Mediation is a required step in the process of every Tennessee divorce and may also be used to resolve any family law dispute. In mediation, the parties are freer to discuss their needs and feelings about the contested issues and to craft a creative solution that meets everybody’s needs. Mediated results are often obtained faster and with less expense than courtroom litigation. With less hostility and both parties’ needs addressed, mediated results are also more likely to be fully and voluntarily implemented, without having to go back to court to force a party to comply with a court order. We work collaboratively toward a mediated result that works for everyone, all the while making sure your needs are met and interests protected.

Get the Help You Need from an Experienced and Dedicated Knoxville Family Attorney

For sound advice and professional representation in any Knoxville family law matter, call Patrick L. Looper, attorney at Law, at 865-229-3164 for a free consultation.

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