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Knoxville Child Support Attorney

Whether you’re the parent being ordered to pay support or the parent who will be receiving it, the issue of child support will loom large in your Tennessee divorce. Knoxville child custody attorney Patrick L. Looper is here to make sure your children are adequately supported after a divorce and that you are treated fairly in the process.

Facts about child support in Tennessee

Both parents are obligated to financially support their children up to age 18 or longer if the child is still in high school or has special needs that prevent the child from becoming independent or self-supporting. Since this obligation falls on both parents, during a divorce the court will typically order the alternate residential parent to pay a monthly amount of support to the parent with primary custody of the children.

The monthly amount of child support is initially determined according to the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines. This income shares model takes into account the combined adjusted gross income of both parents, the number of children to be supported and the percentage of time each parent spends with the children, along with other factors such as healthcare costs or child care expenses.

How attorney Patrick L. Looper can Help with child support in Knoxville

Even though child support is determined according to a statutory formula, there are many different ways attorney Patrick L. Looper can provide invaluable service in the determination of child support. Firstly, in order to calculate child support, all income must be reported fully and accurately. This includes not just salary and wages, but also bonuses, tips, overtime, severance pay, self-employment income, pension and retirement benefits, interest, capital gains, unemployment benefits, and the list goes on. It is not uncommon for a parent to hide or underreport income in this process. Attorney Patrick Looper can work with you to make sure all income is reported fully and correctly.

Secondly, although the child support guideline amount is presumed to be appropriate, this presumption can be rebutted by showing that a deviation from the guideline amount would be in the child’s best interests or that it would be unjust or inappropriate to stick with the guideline amount. Arguments for a deviation from the guidelines must be very specific and supported by evidence. Our Knoxville divorce lawyer can represent your interests when seeking or opposing an up or down deviation from the guidelines by building and presenting a strong case that represents your and your children’s interests.

Finally, our family law attorney can help after the divorce in any proceeding for a modification of child support based on a significant change in circumstances, such as the financial affairs of the parents or the needs of the children. We can also help in any proceeding for enforcement of child support that is allegedly not being paid fully or on time.

Knoxville Child Custody Attorney for Tennessee Child Support Determinations

Whether looking to receive child support for your children or being asked to pay in a Knoxville divorce or child custody dispute, call Patrick L. Looper, Attorney at Law, at 865-229-3164 for sound advice, professional representation and outstanding results in your Tennessee divorce.

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