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Knoxville Divorce Attorney

Knoxville divorce attorney Patrick L. Looper provides sound legal advice and effective representation in contested and uncontested Tennessee divorces. In addition to helping you obtain a dissolution of your marriage, Patrick Looper will make sure you are fairly represented in the determination of child custody, child support, alimony and the division of marital property.

Process for Divorce in Tennessee

In order to file for divorce in Tennessee, either spouse must be domiciled in the state for at least six months prior to filing the petition for dissolution of marriage. The divorce itself cannot be finalized for at least 60 days, even if the divorce is uncontested by either spouse. If there are children in the family, this waiting period is 90 days. A divorce can be finalized sooner in an emergency situation, such as domestic violence. In most cases, however, the entire process takes several months to complete and can even take a year or more if the issues are contested or highly complex.

It is possible in certain circumstances to obtain an agreed divorce, which is a simpler and faster process. An agreed divorce is possible if there are no minor children or children who are disabled or still in high school. Also, the spouses may not own any buildings or land or have a business together, and there must not be any retirement benefits to divide. Finally, the couple must agree on the payment of alimony and the division of marital property. Even if you qualify, an agreed divorce is not a simple matter. There are pages and pages of documents to go through, and couples who think they agree on property division often have difficulty when getting into the details. If committed to the process, attorney Patrick Looper can work with you to draw up a marital settlement agreement and guide you through your agreed divorce.

There are over a dozen different grounds for divorce in Tennessee, including several fault-based grounds and two grounds for no-fault divorce. The grounds for no-fault divorce in Tennessee include irreconcilable differences or living separate for two years if there are no children.

Help with the Major Issues in Your Knoxville Divorce

Besides obtaining a legal dissolution of the marriage, there are several important issues which are normally decided as part of the divorce process. Knoxville divorce lawyer Patrick L. Looper can advise you and represent you to make sure your interests are fairly reflected in the court orders issued in the following areas:

Child Custody – Courts will determine who gets both physical custody and legal custody of the children. Custody can be given solely to one parent or shared jointly, with one parent acting as the primary residential parent and having custody the majority of the time. We’ll make sure the court understands how your needs for child custody are aligned with the best interests of the children.

Child Support – Child support is determined according to the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines. We’ll make sure your spouse is reporting all income accurately for a fair child support calculation, and we’ll argue on your behalf when you or your co-parent are asking for a deviation up or down from the guideline amount.

Property Division – The judge is required to make an equitable distribution of martial property, but equitable does not always mean equal. Our Knoxville divorce lawyer works to see that all property is located, correctly characterized as marital or separate property, and accurately valued. We know the factors courts use in deciding whether to make an unequal distribution, and we’ll fight for a property settlement that meets your specific needs.

Alimony – There are several different kinds of alimony which can be awarded in a Tennessee divorce, and these awards may last for a specified period of time or continue indefinitely. Whether you are seeking or opposing alimony or simply arguing for a fair amount, we’ll make sure your voice is heard and backed by substantial supporting evidence.

Get the Right Outcome in Your Tennessee Divorce by Calling Knoxville Divorce Attorney Patrick L. Looper

For effective representation in your Tennessee divorce, call Patrick L. Looper, Attorney at Law, at 865-229-3164 for a free consultation with an experienced and dedicated Knoxville divorce attorney.

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