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Divorce Monday: Myth or Reality?


If you are old enough to remember a time before the Internet, you have probably noticed that there are many more minor holidays now than there were in the analog age.  Black Friday only rose to prominence in the last few decades, and Cyber Monday would not have been possible at all without the Internet.  Talk Like a Pirate Day was an inside joke among a few hardcore nerds until YouTube made it easier for people to share their one day of pirate talk with the world.  Divorce Monday, though, is hardly a new phenomenon, and August, which remains a virtual minor holiday desert even now, is the perfect time to separate the truth from the false rumors about Divorce Monday.  If you are considering a divorce, you should contact a Tennessee divorce attorney on any day of the week and in any month.

When Is Divorce Monday?

Divorce Monday is the first Monday in January in which the courts are open for business.  It could fall anywhere from January 2 to January 10.  It is called Divorce Monday because it is the day when the greatest number of people file divorce petitions and contact lawyers about initiating divorce proceedings.  The data show that Divorce Monday really is the busiest day of the year for these actions, but why?  The optimist would say that it is because people are keeping their New Year’s resolutions about starting a new life without their long-estranged spouse.  The pessimist says that the Christmas holidays with the in-laws were the last straw, and people file for divorce at the first opportunity after the New Year’s Eve champagne once again revealed what your mother-in-law really thinks of you.

The realist has a more pragmatic answer.  When people file for divorce on Divorce Monday, they are making a clean break between years.  Last year, you are married, and this year you are separated and divorced.  It is much simpler, for tax purposes, than having to make calculations for a year in which you were sometimes married and sometimes not.

Don’t Wait Until Divorce Monday to Contact a Divorce Attorney

Our aunt who, in the beginning of August, is already working on a needlepoint of Santa’s reindeer can verify that Divorce Monday is not too far away.  If you are planning on getting a divorce, though, you should act quickly instead of lying in ambush.  The longer you wait between making up your mind to divorce and starting divorce proceedings, the more your ex and his or her lawyer can use anything you do during that waiting period against you.  The time to contact a divorce attorney is now, not when everyone else does it.

Let Us Help You Today

Even if you decide not to file for divorce until Divorce Monday, you should contact a divorce lawyer now.  This way, you can find out as much information as you can about finding a relatively painless path to a fair divorce agreement.  Contact Knoxville divorce attorney Patrick L. Looper for a consultation.




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