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Are You Eligible for an Agreed Divorce in Tennessee?


Yes, about 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce, but the divorce rate is not evenly distributed across the entire population.  The couples who are most likely to stay together are educated people who marry after age 25 and do not have previous divorces or children from previous relationships.  Factors that increase a couple’s chances of divorce include young age at marriage, low net worth, and prior divorces.  The data also show that the complexity and overall ugliness of a divorce gets higher the more money the couple has, and it is even worse if they have minor children.  This means that there are plenty of young adults who want to divorce but cannot afford to hire a divorce lawyer and probably do not really need to hire one.  They have the option of agreed divorce, one of the fastest and simplest ways to divorce in Tennessee.  If you are unsure whether agreed divorce will work for you or whether you need to go through arbitration or a trial, a consultation with a Tennessee divorce lawyer can help you make that decision.

What Is Agreed Divorce?

An agreed divorce is one where both spouses file the papers together, because they already agree on all the terms of their divorce.  Not every dispute-free divorce can be formalized through the agreed divorce process.  Tennessee only offers the agreed divorce option to couples who meet all of the following criteria:

  • They have both been legal residents of Tennessee for at least six months.
  • They do not have any children together who are younger than 18, and they do not have any children together who, even though they have turned 18 are still in high school or have disabilities.
  • Neither of them is pregnant.
  • They do not own real estate or a business together.
  • They both want to end the marriage, and they agree on how to divide their property.

If all of these are true, you and your spouse can sign a divorce agreement and file it with the court.  If not, agreed divorce is not for you, and you definitely need the help of a divorce lawyer.

You Might Need a Lawyer, Even for an Agreed Divorce

Agreed divorce has the reputation of being for people who can’t afford a divorce lawyer, but hiring a lawyer, even for very limited services can save you stress and money.  Even if you and your spouse want to get an agreed divorce, you should meet with a divorce lawyer at least once.  The three of you should review the divorce agreement you intend to submit.  This way, you can be sure that the court will interpret your divorce agreement correctly.

Let Us Help You Today

A divorce lawyer can be just as helpful when you and your spouse agree about the details of your divorce as when you disagree about them.  Contact Knoxville divorce attorney Patrick L. Looper for help with your case.




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